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Affordable website design

for small organizations and others on a meagre budgets

We often develop large, complex, custom-designed websites. But, because these bespoke projects are often beyond the means of many entrepreneurs and small organizations, we offer a range of affordable website design options for small businesses, community-based non-profits, individual professionals and consultants, artists, churches, and other low budget clients.

These high quality, affordable websites are designed to deliver great value at very reasonable price points and can, among other things, include customized installment payment plans or multi-year subscription programs that require a manageable upfront outlay of funds


Multi-year subscription programs available for clients on a modest budget

Our subscription programs are for cash-strapped clients that although unable to pay the full cost for the website they need, can comfortably manage a reasonable monthly installment. The programs are tailored to the specific circumstances of each client but usually involve a modest upfront payment and a fixed, monthly subscription over 1 or 2 years. In addition to a world-class website, our subscription clients get free hosting, technical support and an annual refreshing of their website design. We dare you to find websites anywhere at comparable  prices and capabilities that are created to the high professional standards of our affordable website design options.

Need an affordable website for your fledgling non-profit?

We will establish your small organization on the web in an attractive, professional and effective manner with capabilities that are usually unheard of at these low prices. Additional features and functions can be easily and cost-effectively added as you grow and require them.

Theresa Lipo
Walter Mander Foundation

…(AEV) guided us through creation of a website and has continued to be helpful with managing and editing it. We have received many compliments on the website design and ease of use.

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