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Affordable non-profit websites

for large institutions and even small community-based organizations

Scalable and affordable non-profit websites

Your non-profit organization is working to make a difference in the world and requires a website that can: i) effectively explain its activities, objectives, programs and mission; and, ii) facilitate interaction with members, subscribers, volunteers, donors and other supporters.

You also need a website that is customized to the very particular needs of your non-profit and which can be the cornerstone of your outreach, engagement, fundraising and advocacy. These are the kinds of non-profit websites that we create.

We have been creating effective and affordable non-profit websites since 2000

We have been creating effective, affordable, custom-designed non-profit websites since 2000. Our clients are arts, service, educational, advocacy, religious and other non-profits located across the USA and abroad. We are strongly differentiated by our technical expertise, online marketing savvy, general business knowledge, strategic approach; and, commitment to support small, local area, under-resourced non-profits.

Non-profit websites for organizations of all types, stripes and sizes

With the expertise and experience to handle the sophisticated needs of large institutions and the commitment to work with small organizations, we bring value to non-profits of all types, stripes and sizes – from large, national social service organizations and educational institutions to small, local community groups and, even churches.

Dr. Abena Joan P. Brown
eta Creative Arts

…Finding (AEV) and contracting with the company to reinvent our website is among the best management decisions we have made in our 35 year history.

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