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Web applications:- one-of-a-kind websites

with custom-coded functions to solve very particular business problems

Anything is possible with a web application developed to the very specific needs of your business

Web applications are one-of-a-kind programs that are accessed through a web browser. In general, web applications are created for very specific business purposes to manage problems or processes that cannot be satisfactorily achieved with off the shelf software.

We can create web applications for business process automation, customized e-commerce solutions, document management, customer relationship management, e-learning, class registration and evaluation, workflow control, non-profit donations and any number of other business and non-profit situations.

Why might you need a custom web application?

  • You need features, functions or capabilities with very particular requirements
  • Your problem cannot be solved with any open source solutions
  • You need an application that is accessible over the Internet from any computer or mobile device
  • You need an application that can plug into legacy systems

Planning to disrupt the web with the next big thing?

Our web application development team will partner with you from the basic business concept, through the development of prototypes, and the creation of the solution itself.

You envision it; we build it

Whether you are a startup, a mid-size company or a large enterprise, our team of experienced engineers are ready to discuss and evaluate your web application needs.

Dwight Gates

…Working with (AEV) was smooth and easy. They actually help you with ideas and they can translate the ideas that you have into a reality

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