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Struggling with a new venture?

We may help you with a FREE website! Tell us why we should.

Every organization needs a website. No matter if it’s a rank new startup, an established business or under-resourced non-profit. It is by far the easiest, most efficient and most cost-effective way for an enterprise to deliver information about what it is and does. But a website with all the necessary features and functions can be an expensive proposition for many small and emerging businesses and non-profits. This is where we come in!

A FREE website for a few worthy causes

We are very well acquainted with these kinds of difficulties and are willing to help a few worthy causes with a totally FREE website – plus related online marketing services. Our definition of a “cause” is fairly broad and undefined but does involve bright, motivated, passionate individuals with compelling, profitable ideas. As such, a “cause” can be a startup with reasonable prospects, an established and interesting business that is experiencing some difficulty, a social advocacy group, an aspiring (even starving) artist or, cultural organization.

The Internet must, of course, be central to what the organization does or aspires to be. We expect to be impressed by, among other things, a clearly defined mission; strong leadership, and, reasonable, even if ambitious, objectives. And it goes without saying that, we will only entertain applications from people who can demonstrate a history of honesty and unquestioned integrity.

What’s the catch for this FREE website?

None. None whatsoever! The website is totally free and 100% yours. No fees or payments of any kind. You own the website, the files, the database and the design. In short, EVERYTHING!

So, tell us your story. Convince us that we should make you a FREE website!

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