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Facebook for Business

We’ll help you take full advantage of Facebook

Learning how to take full advantage of Facebook’s remarkable marketing power can be time consuming and overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be, if you let us show you how to use this powerful social media hub to attract customers, turn them into fans, and drive sales.

Why Facebook Marketing?

  • Approximately 1.5 billion active monthly users
  • 900 million users log in every day
  • Users spend an average of 20 minutes per session
  • Over 95% of businesses have a Facebook page
  • Close to 50 million posts per minute

Our Facebook marketing services will help you to:

  • Create and manage an effective Facebook page that is customized to your business
  • Develop a customized marketing strategy
  • Engage with customers and prospects
  • Get the most out of your Facebook presence
  • Build an email marketing database
  • Advertise cost-effectively to a very targeted audience
  • Run Facebook promotions

Approximately 62% of Facebook’s 1.25 billion users log in daily

Ignoring an engaged population of this size would be foolish for any marketer – regardless of their location, product or service. Your ideal customer is almost certainly using Facebook nearly every day. The question is: how do you target them with your marketing?

Target people by just about any demographic, interest or geography

Facebook’s flexibility and extraordinarily powerful marketing tools allow you to target people by age, gender, income, education, relationship status, geography, interests, behavior – and virtually anything in a user’s profile.

If Facebook is not already a part of your marketing, it should be. Let’s talk!

Steve Zindars
Coral Cove Beach Resort & Spa

…This (was) the 4th website for us over the past 15 years, and by far the best experience I have had through the developmental stages. …….. It has gone well beyond my expectations.

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