SEO for Small Businesses

  • November 10, 2016
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SEO for small businesses and newbies appears to be such a daunting issue. There is so much to learn and the practice seems to be constantly changing. What was recommended a few months ago may incur the wrath of Google today. How does one keep up?


Here’s a quick and easy checklist with current information about SEO for small businesses. If your small business is like the ones I know, I am sure that you are not doing (or even aware of the importance) of many of these things. As you will see, most of these things are not hard to do; it’s a matter of knowledge, focus and consistent attention to a few important details


The information is conveniently organized into three main sections: Basic SEO, Keywords and on-page SEO and Content Optimization. Start optimizing now and let me know if you found the information helpful.

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