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We focus on small to mid-market companies and non-profits but can deliver good value to organizations of just about any size. We have the experience and expertise to work with large enterprises but can also deliver world-class product at price points that are affordable by small companies.

This is a common question. But it’s not one we can answer without information about the particulars of what the website needs to be and do. How large will it be? Does it require complex features and functions? Will it be a fairly simple web brochure or an elaborate online store? Etc. etc. etc.

This obviously depends on the size and complexity of the website. We start every project with a commitment to a completion date. Delays do occur but, they are usually related to the client’s: i) changing specifications for the project; ii) slowness in preparing the content to populate the website; and, iii) uncoordinated responses to questions and requests for information.

We do that too. We are committed to addressing each client’s specific needs. Whether this is a brand new site or just an upgrade or refreshing of one that has become a little outdated.

We design and develop websites according to W3C standards. Among other things, this assures that your website will render properly on all the major web browsers and mobile devices

We perform a number of pre-launch tests and other procedures to make sure that your website is performing as promised and meets industry standards.  Among other things we test to make sure that your site renders properly in all the major browsers, loads within acceptable limits and works properly with all plugins and 3rd party integrations

We provide ample training on how to use your website’s dashboard to manage, maintain and edit your content. Depending on your location, we can provide, in person, phone and/or web-conference training.

We routinely provide twelve months of technical support for all the websites we create. We will also train you on how to manage and edit your content – text, images, videos, etc. Support beyond this is customized according to the needs of particular clients but could include webmaster services which we provide on a no-contract, month-to-month basis.

Certainly! If it’s within our twelve month support agreement. And often, even past that period. It’s a matter of pride! Our only exception to this is if the website has been altered in any way by persons not employed or authorized by us.

We offer a year of free hosting to our website clients but you may choose to keep your current hosting company, if you are happy with their services.

Many of our clients are close to our offices in the Chicago area. However, we have clients in many states including New York, California, Texas, Georgia and Florida as well as overseas, in places such as Canada, Africa, and the Caribbean..

No, we don’t. Although this would be nice. You just need to have it ready by the time the site is built out and ready to receive it. Beware that this is the biggest source of website delays. It is not unusual for us to finish a project and wait for weeks for the client to deliver the content.

Website development projects work best when clients designate a point person or project manager to coordinate communications and facilitate timely responses to our questions and requests.

Mobile friendly websites are becoming increasingly important as more and more people access the web from tablets and smartphones. All the websites we build are mobile-friendly.

A business website is virtually useless if it cannot be found by people searching for the goods and services provided by that business. We provide basic search engine and local search marketing services as part of our website development contract. More elaborate services will however require a separate arrangement

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