Business Websites

Business websites that make
a good first impression

Your website is a window to the world and, often, the first impression that anybody gets about who you are and what you do. And since no one ever gets a second chance to make a first impression, will first time visitors be impressed by your business website?

Custom-designed business websites

Our attractive and affordable websites will showcase your business with dramatic presentations; thoughtful, intuitive information architecture; and, user-friendly features that make it easy for visitors to find what they need. Each project starts with a commitment to understand your strategy, objectives, brand image and whatever else is necessary to determine your best route to online success.

Custom-designed business websites
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business website

Have you viewed your business website on a mobile device?

Your customers, clients, members and patrons are almost all already visiting your business website from smartphones and tablets. Is their experience on these smaller screens as friendly and intuitive as on a pc or laptop? It should be! Mobile-friendly websites are no longer just “nice to have”; they are a “must have” – especially for businesses with significant user engagement objectives or e-commerce ambitions. Your visitors expect it and your competitors already have it.

Custom-coded websites for very specific business purposes

Planning to disrupt the world with the next big thing? You may need a web application – custom-designed, one-of-a-kind functions accessed through a web browser and created for very specific business purposes. Oftentimes, because these capabilities cannot be achieved with an open-source CMS like WordPress. These web applications can solve problems related to business process automation, e-commerce, CRM, e-learning, class management and any number of other business and non-profit challenges. You can expect us to be at your side for the entire journey – from the basic business concept, through the development of prototypes, and the creation of the solution itself.

Is your business website visible on Google?

Your business website is of little value if nobody can find it on Google! Because few searchers click past page one and only a handful go past page two, you don’t want to on page 580. Not even on page 3! Ranking well on the major search engines is no longer optional; it’s critical! We are also SEO experts who will help to make sure that your website is visible on Google for search terms relevant to what you do. As the place where almost everyone begins their search for products and services, search engines are among the best and cheapest sources of leads for all businesses and SEO should be a high priority for every business. We’ll help to enhance the visibility of your website to people who are looking for what you do at a time when they probably need it. People with a high probability of becoming customers. People with whom you want to engage. People we call “warm leads”.

Does your business have an
online marketing plan?

Online Marketing Plan

We believe that a web-centric approach to marketing can allow a business to promote itself in ways that belie its size, budget, geography, history and resources. Among other things, our strategic online marketing consulting services will help you to: i) broaden your reach and visibility; ii) improve customer engagement; iii) build loyalty; and, iv) generate growth in highly cost-effective ways. We are available to consult with businesses with a desire to build relationships and grow their revenues beyond the limitations of their traditional (non-web) environments. Our plan will, of course, be centered on an intelligent, properly optimized professional website and will also force a thoughtful discussion about how to:

Increase web traffic, awareness, clicks and revenues

Personalize, simplify and enhance the user experience

Be more responsive to customer needs

Integrate online and offline initiatives

Institute e-business best practices

Improve the effectiveness of online communications

Improve social media engagement

Set and manage e-business objectives

Among other things, we will help you to identify the budget and other resources needed, establish a timetable as well as a road map for execution and success. Please contact us if you believe that it’s time for a more organized, coordinated and thoughtful approach to your online marketing.