Effective, user-friendly and secure
e-commerce websites

Whether you want to sell one product or thousands, require simple PayPal integration or a custom designed web store, we have the business savvy, online marketing experience and technical expertise to make sure you get the e-commerce website to suit your needs. We are expert on Woocommerce and other popular e-commerce website platforms such as Shopify and Bigcommerce but will custom code if none of these solutions is adequate. Among other things, our e-commerce websites are easy to navigate and conversion-oriented. We also make them look good because, in e-commerce, first impressions matter.

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Full-featured e-commerce website design

We take the time to learn about your products, services, customers and business objectives to deliver an e-commerce website that meets your objectives and needs. For example, an effective e-commerce website is often required to be much more than just an attractive storefront; it must sometimes seamlessly integrate with accounting, inventory management, shipping, invoicing, payment, CRM and other internal systems. The more complex your requirements, the more you’ll appreciate the kind of work we do.

Planning for a successful e-commerce website

Understanding your products and how your customers shop for them is the first step to creating an effective e-commerce website. We start by reviewing the analytics data of your current website to see what’s ok, what needs improvement and what’s not working. If this is a new online business or if you’ve not been collecting analytics, we’ll review what others are doing in the space with a focus on your main competitors. Our goal is gather as much information as we can to make it easy and intuitive for users to get to the products they need – and, with as few clicks as possible.

Successful e-commerce website
e-commerce website

An effective e-commerce website involves much more than just a shopping cart

An effective e-commerce website involves much more than just a product catalog and shopping cart. It needs to be well-organized and easy to navigate – from product page to shopping cart through checkout. Among other things, this requires a thorough understanding of your business and e-commerce best practices plus the technical expertise to engineer the features, functions and user experiences to achieve the desired results. As required, we will also support your e-commerce website with hosting, search engine optimization, website maintenance and whatever else is needed.

Reduce shopping cart abandonment

Shopping cart abandonment is one of the big problems of internet commerce, Experts estimate that close to 70% of carts are abandoned before checkout; and,  probably far higher for the average small to mid-size business. Some of the factors that influence shopping cart abandonment are specific to the user and unrelated to the performance of the website. But, many are. And, in addition to making the shopping experience as smooth, easy and friendly as possible, it is also paramount that every e-commerce website include elements that make shoppers feel sufficiently safe and secure to complete the purchase.

Contact information on each page

Links to your social media profiles

Links to product reviews on sites such as Yelp and/or Google

Easily visible payment options.

Payment security and product warranty information

Return/refund policy

Evidence of an SSL Certificate

“Good guy” endorsements the BBB. chambers of commerce, etc.

Reduce shopping cart abandonment