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It stands to reason that an arts website should be visually appealing in ways that intuitively communicate the institution’s mission and impact. It should also make a good first impression; project authority and trustworthiness; and, induce visitors to remain a while. And, of course, include prominent calls to action and other features to draw attention to the organization’s programs and tell visitors how to get involved. Does your arts website do all of these things?

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The perfect arts website for your needs, mission and budget

Arts websites are not all created equal. Some require complex coding and custom applications to function as needed. Whether it’s an e-commerce platform with lots of fancy bells and whistles or a simple upgrade of a fairly basic brochure website, our design and development team has the technical capabilities and experience to satisfy the specifications, budget and aesthetic requirements of any arts organization, however large or small. We’ve done everything from custom-coded ticketing systems and class registration modules to very basic arts websites of just a few pages

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Everything you need to be effective at your mission

A good arts website should showcase your organization with dramatic presentations; get found by people interested in what you do; make it easy for visitors to find what they came looking for; clearly communicate your purpose and mission; engage effectively with your several constituencies and assist with fundraising. But few arts websites do these things well. Although rich with information, they are often poorly organized and unfriendly in ways that severely constrain online visibility, user engagement and fundraising. Visitors have no incentives to explore beyond their point of entry! We will help you to avoid these kinds of mistakes.

Arts Websites
design and development process

We start by asking lots of questions

Our design and development process starts with a discovery phase to make sure that both we and you have a good grasp of what the website needs to be and do in order function as required. Among other things, this helps us to identify the features, functions, content, calls to action, navigation and other elements that are required to produce the dynamic, effective website you require. So, we ask a lot of questions.

Is the content well written and optimized for the words that users are likely to use when searching for you and/or the services you provide?

Is there a clear path from the home page to important/frequently used information?

Are there prominent calls to action that induce visitors to engage with you and your information?

Do you have an easy to find and easy to use donation page?

Does your website have strong images, testimonials and other content to give users a good sense of your mission and activities?

Are you listed on all the relevant local search directories?

Great websites – even for artists with small budgets

Are you an artist with the need for a website to showcase your work to collectors, dealers and curators? Depending on your budget, requirements – and, the quality of the images you provide, we can deliver a website that: i) is inexpensive but elegant, artsy and designed to match the aesthetics of your art; ii) displays your work as if it were in a high-end gallery; and, iii) supports online sales. Call us. Let’s Talk.

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